Ecotools 6 piece eye brush set review

BAMBOO 6 piece eye brush set

IMG_1542IMG_1543This set of eye makeup brushes by ecotools come with a a little plastic bag. On the description on the back, they claim to be earth-friendly because the handles are made from bamboo, whereas the bristles are “cruelty-free” (which means they are made of 100% man-made materials I suppose).


This natural cotton travel case may not be the prettiest, but it’s so light and easy to carry around you probably won’t even notice the weight in your bag. It also comes with a mirror on the side which may come in handy. Thumbs up for this design, it’s amazing how they fit all the essentials into one small case!

Look how petite the brush set is, even comparing with my phone!



The brushes are so small and adorable!


Each of these brushes has a label on them saying what purpose they serve, including blend, crease, highlight, shade, smudge. (what does shade mean?) Obviously I just use them the way I find them most useful, I saw some reviews saying that the blend brush (first one on the left) is oversized. I find it just to be perfect for applying a base color all over the lids. None of these brushes are too big nor too small.


I absolutely love them! The bristles feel so soft and gentle on my eyelids, the whole set is easy to carry around, the price is very affordable. So what more can you ask for from a brush set? 🙂

The only possible downside…

The cotton travel case has this slightly unpleasant smell? I’m guessing it has been in the plastic bag for too long before opening or if this is the “natural” smell. I guess I can always wash the case though. 😀


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