Remington Curling Wand

T-Studio Ceramic PEARL Professional Curling Wand


I haven’t used many hair curling tools in the past, simply because they are too difficult for me. I never really understood the straightener/flat iron method regardless of watching many tutorials. The traditional curling hair with the clip seems too much work for me with all the twisting and rolling. So I’ve always left my hair straight as it is, until I came across this CURLING WAND!

For those of you don’t know how a clipless curling wand, check out this video!

You basically just have to wrap your hair around the curling wand.

My results…


I love the wavy curls that this curling wand gives me!

I don’t usually part my hair to side, just curious of how it would look πŸ˜€

Photo 14-2-17 δΈ‹εˆ7 12 09

That’s the curling wand and the heat protective glove (one hand only).Β Photo 14-2-17 上午11 02 44

The highest temperature setting is 410’c. I know this sounds extremely hot but I found that the wand needs to be heated up that much for the best result. The first time when I tried curling my hair, I thought around 200’c would be enough and went for that. My hair went straight back down within 30 minutes. 😦

The temperature really makes a difference. Today I curled my hair with 410 degrees of heat and the curl lasted me 8 hours until I showered.

The products that I used.

Before (L) / After (R)

Photo 14-2-17 δΈ‹εˆ8 29 48


The curling wand is almost perfect.

Except that you have to wear the glove in order to avoid burning your fingers.

I tried doing it without the glove for a few seconds then I failed…

The downside is that it is difficult to feel and grab your hair when wearing the glove. Of course, I’ve seen many people doing it with their bare hands, it takes practice. πŸ™‚

I highly recommend a curling wand for those who seek the easiest tool to use!


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