KATE lash maximizer (white mascara)

KATE lash maximizer by Kanebo



made in japan

price: 90HKD (bought from Sasa)

It is frustrating when you are not blessed with thick and long natural eyelashes. If this sounds familiar, then your best solution would be a mascara base/primer. For those of you who have asian eyelashes, you probably know what I am talking about. The worst part is that they point straight downwards.

Photo 14-2-21 下午3 03 46Photo 14-2-21 下午3 05 03

Unlike other mascara base that I’ve used before, this one isn’t exactly “white”. Even though the brush itself is white, the formula isn’t. It contains little black hairs-like fibers about 2-3mm long that adds length and volume to your own lashes. I like it is semi-transparent instead of completely white because that way my eyelashes won’t turn grey when I apply regular mascara on top of it.

But regardless of what type of mascara, the most important step is always to make sure you lashes are perfectly curled. This is essential especially if you have asian lashes, like me. There is no point of applying mascara on eyelashes that pointing downwards!

Photo 14-2-20 下午1 27 49

It doesn’t matter what kind of eyelash curler you use, whether a cheap or expensive one. The best thing to do is heat it up with a hair dryer and curl your lashes with it when it’s warm. For me, this is the only way that the curling effect would last on me.

Photo 14-2-20 下午7 11 05

My bare lashes before and after curling, nothing too impressive as you can see.

Photo 14-2-20 下午7 03 54

After 2 coats of lash maximizer, I know you can hardly see any difference in the pictures but that’s because the formula is transparent. I could instantly feel the effect taking on my lashes as I applied the mascara, my eyelashes became hardened like I’ve used hair spray on it. I think that this helps my lashes to stay curled a lot!

Photo 14-2-20 下午7 03 23

Final result after applying my regular black mascara and eyeliner.

Photo 14-2-20 下午6 58 47


Semi-transparent formula that can be covered completely with black mascara

Hardens eyelashes so they can be in a curled position all day long

Adds lengths and volume to eyelashes

Keep eyelashes well separated like a comb


Difficult to notice if you are applied too many layers since it’s not really visible, can lead to a slightly clumpy look

A little pricey


Essence products review

Essence, is one of the cheapest drugstore brand I have ever come across. I was not aware of this brand until awhile ago, when I saw it in Priceline. I bought a few products from Essence when all cosmetics were offered at 60% off at Priceline (unbelievable!) Since everything from essence is extremely affordable at original price (no more than $10), the sale further made these products ridiculously cheap.

Note that original prices will be listed down below for references. (AUD)

1. Nail Polish

146 That’s What I Mint! $2.75


ImageI absolutely adore this color! Although it may seem like a baby blue color in the picture, it’s a mint color just like the title indicates. Notice that the nail polish brush is flat? I find that a flat brush makes it so easy to apply, given that it allows the polish to lay flat on the nails and avoids uneven layers building up.  At $2.75, this nail polish is amazing and beats many other products at high prices. I will be very likely to purchase this again since they have a wide range of colors as well.

Check here: http://www.essence.eu/au/products/nails/nail-polish/e/product/colour-go-nail-polish-146/

2. Studio Nails 24-7 Nail Base 


ImageI have to admit that before buying this nail base, I had always used a transparent nail polish as an undercoat. Applying a nail base is supposed to smoothen the surface of your nails and make the nail polish applied on top of it last longer. As soon as I applied this nail base, it dries almost instantly (3-5 seconds). To be honest, I have not noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my nails after using this. What I noticed is that it created bubbles, not sure of why.

3. Silky Touch Blush 

50 Sweetheart


ImageFor some reason, the color looks coral in the picture. In real life, it is baby pink with no orange tone at all. I like it because it gives a hint of color on the cheeks without looking too overdone.

4. I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara, Deep Black 


ImageTo be honest, I kind of bought this mascara because I was attracted to the eye-catching packaging. Pink and black is one of the best combination of colors. Now let’s see how this mascara performed on my eyelashes.

Bare lashes, curled


 As you can see in the picture… the brush is HUGE!!! at least for my eye, it is way too big


 The final look


I have to say that this mascara was a disappointment.

-the brush was oversized, made it difficult to apply without touching my eyelids

-the formula was heavy and thick

-weighed down my lashes after less a minute of application

-gives volume but make lashes look clumpy

The biggest problem I had with this product is that it weighed my lashes all the way done. I tried curling my lashes again when the mascara had dried (which I rarely had to do) and my lashes would not even hold the curl. For me, I would say that not wearing any mascara is better than the look that this product has given.

However, I have read some reviews of this mascara on YouTube and other beauty bloggers. They seem to have good results with it, so I can’t say this product is completely awful. At a low price, perhaps it’s worth a try.