My everyday makeup

My first makeup tutorial is here! just a simple and quick everyday look using neutral tones shimmery eyeshadow.

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2014-02-14 16.12.37

These are the 3 colors that I’ll be using…

from Sleek storm 578 palette 

2014-02-14 22.31.36

Step 1: Apply a gold color all over the lid as a base color 

2014-02-14 23.09.35

Step 2: Apply a deep brown on outer corner of the eye, concentrating on elongating the shape of your eye and enhancing your eye socket. I like doing this because it creates the illusion of larger eyes.

2014-02-14 23.11.22

Step 3: Apply a champagne color (there is no yellow tone in this color, almost a pure white in real life) on the inner color of the eye and the bottom lash line.

2014-02-14 23.13.34

This is it for the eyeshadow part! I’ll normally go finish the look by adding liquid eyeliner and mascara.

2014-02-14 16.18.12


Glitter pink French styled nails

To create this look, I used an adorable pack of nail polish that I bought from japan. I will demonstrate step by step of how it can be done. 🙂
Step 1: apply nude twice as a base 20140206-002113.jpg
Step 2: apply pink on the tips of nails, this part does not have to be precise since any flaws will be covered by the gold glitter 20140206-002230.jpg
Step 3: apply gold glitter between the nude and pink, the more shimmer the better!!
Absolutely in love with this look, so girly yet simple! You can always use the same method with different colors!