Relvon Colorsilk Burgundy


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to write about this hair dye on my first post, since it’s the most recent thing that I did. I got this from Priceline (a drugstore in Australia) for $9AUD, it’s basically the cheapest hair dye I could find from there.

The result…


Although it didn’t come out like the box color, I am quite pleased with the final result! At first, I was expecting a color with some purple tone in it. Be aware that I took this photo right under my lamp, in natural lighting this is not what the hair looks like. It’s more of a brown with a hint of red, especially after a few washes of shampoo.

Despite having extremely thin hair (yet long), one box of this hair dye was barely enough for me. So if you have normal to thick hair, you would definitely need more than one. The color started to turn almost as soon as I applied the hair dye, I left it on for a good 40-45 minutes before rinsing off. Overall, I would give this hair dye 4/5! For those of you that live outside of Australia, you probably can get this for even cheaper. I may or may not purchase this next time because I always want to try new things 🙂